Why Virtual Events Can be Better Than Physical Events

Are virtual events only useful during desperate times?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world into havoc, people have realized that we need to change our typical method of interacting, and the events industry has also been largely affected. Therefore, people have turned to virtual events as a way to still carry out events while keeping the community safe.

However, a virtual event is not only just a tool to use when there’s no other choice, it also come with many benefits over physical events!

Here are our top ways on how virtual events can overcome the limitations of physical events.

Save on cost

You may have the best ideas for your event, but budget constraints can put a damper on them and limit what you can do.  The good news is, virtual events can help with this by reducing the overall cost of organizing your event. For example, if you’re holding a virtual exhibition, you can save on the physical venue and booth setup, staff, travels costs, meal expenses and more!

With virtual events, you can still showcase products and services, have entertaining performances, games and activities, give out virtual gifts etc., all at a fraction of the cost of a physical event. Another extra benefit of you saving on cost, is that you may also be able to lower ticket prices, therefore enticing more audiences to attend!

Cross borders and Gain a Larger Audience

Being able to physically interact with the crowd can be great, but it may not always bring the best value to you. If you’re looking to broaden brand exposure and gain new prospects for your business, you should think of diversifying your interactions and reaching a larger audience. Virtual events are perfect for this as they can be easily hosted across borders and reach audiences globally! Anyone with a smart device can attend your event, from any corner of the world. They may be more compelled to join too as it can be more convenient than driving to a physical event and bustling with the crowd.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, hybrid events are great to consider, as you can interact with your audience while also reaching prospects from a distance.

Collect Feedback and Data Conveniently

Feedback and data are important for any event to gauge its success, and for future improvements. When your event is online, you’ll find that the task of collecting feedback and data becomes much easier! You can easily conduct polls and surveys where attendees can provide feedback just by clicking on their screen, and it can be part of a real-time interactive session during your events.

Virtual event platforms also provide convenient ways to extract data on your attendees, which is great to know more about how many visitors you’ve gained, traffic or visitor sources and more! You can use these data not only to plan for your next event, but also for digital marketing plans for your business.

Go Wild with your Imagination  

With virtual events, you can go wild with your activities! You can use green screens in product launches, live stream events etc. to make your session livelier. Make your event fun by incorporating gamification and challenges, so that your audience can have a lasting impression by interacting during your event, while they enjoy getting some virtual gifts too! Use AR and VR to give your audiences an out of this world experience. If you’re doing your event virtually, you can create any type of environment that you’d like, and even host it on the moon!

Let Us Virtualize Reality For You!

At Virtualtech Frontier, we’re all about helping your business grow by providing the best virtual event solutions. The next time you’re planning an event, hit us up to find out how we our solutions can help you create a brand new experience!

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