Finding a middle ground between physical and virtual events

Even with the rise of virtual events during challenging times, virtual events are still an acquired taste. Some people are all for it, thinking of virtual events as a new and innovative solution. Many are against it, thinking of it as just a passing fad with results that are not quite visible.

Times are tough, and we understand – everyone is craving the day when our lives are ‘normal’ again.

Hence, we’re here to discuss why some people can be against virtual events, and how to find a middle ground between physical and virtual events.

 “When the pandemic ends, the virtual events industry will die off.”

Although the pandemic has definitely increased the demand for virtual events, there are many merits to virtual events besides just being a tool to use during desperate times. With more innovation in the virtual events industry, there’s been a great improvement in what we can do virtually, which will still be relevant and beneficial in the post-pandemic world.

One undeniable benefit about virtual events is the ability to scale – that means going beyond borders and across regions, without the limitations of a physical space. Someone who’s looking to reach a wider audience will definitely find virtual events irreplaceable in this aspect.

Virtual events also provide greater cost-savings and flexibility. There’s no doubt that an event done virtually require less in terms of spending on manpower, event space rental, travel costs etc. You may also find that virtual features can give more space for creativity, such as incorporating 3D stage designs, gamification, virtual commerce and more!


“Virtual engagement can’t beat physical engagement”

This is why hybrid events are here to provide you with the best of both worlds!

Integrating virtual elements can act as a wonderful accompaniment to your physical event. You can still organize your live event complete with an audience, content, and more, whilst adding a virtual component to it. Through this method, your audience can participate and engage with your event no matter where they are!

You can also take your online audience into an exciting virtual experience. Engage with them through live chat function – mini games and lucky draws are a fun and simple way to keep your audience engaged! Many who have tried hybrid events find it to be a great way to reap the benefits from both online and on-ground events.

Switching to virtual is being complicit in our own demise

The idea of contributing to the demise of physical events is a viewpoint that we, in the virtual events industry may not think about. For some people that have made a livelihood from on-ground events or shows, they may be worried that converting to virtual can lead to their physical event dying off when the pandemic circumstances have improved.

However, we can assure that virtual events are not meant to take over physical events, nor do we believe that there’s a hidden agenda behind it. When used effectively, virtual events can be a big help to physical events. Just think of virtual events as an alternative to boost your business during trying times, a new and creative outlet to explore, and ultimately, the icing on top of a delicious cake.

The Takeaway

We don’t always have to put a label on it. Everyone in the events industry, whether on-ground or virtual, can surely benefit from working together to produce new and exciting ideas. Going virtual is not just about going online, it’s about breaking the mould of what events mean.  It’s about combining creativity, imagination and technology, and taking advantage of a virtual space to create things that otherwise can’t be done physically.

By combining all the best attributes of both physical and virtual events, reaching for the stars is not just a saying – you can actually land among the stars, virtually.

If you’re looking for virtual events or hybrid events solutions, Virtualtech Frontier is here to help!

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