An Immersive Exhibition Booth with JLG @ JPEX 2023

As events evolve, exhibitors and organizers are realizing the power of immersive technology to enhance their exhibition booths. By moving beyond traditional displays and integrating engaging elements like virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive installations, they create remarkable and unforgettable event experiences.

JLG’s Exhibition Booth @ JPEX 2023

Recently, VTF had the opportunity to collaborate with Johor Land Group (JLG) for a 4-day exhibition for Johor Property Expo (JPEX) 2023. Our team designed, set up and managed a range of immersive solutions:

  • Digital Passport Program
  • Immersive Room
  • Interactive Wall
  • Kinect Sensor Game
  • AR Instagram Filter

JPEX was held from 27 July – 30 July 2023 at Angsana JB Mall where JLG participated as an exhibitor. When visiting the booth, attendees start off their immersive journey by registering for the Digital Passport Program via a weblink. The Digital Passport shows 4 checkpoints for attendees to explore and complete in order to exchange for a gift.

Digital Passport Program
Immersive Tunnel

The first checkpoint features an immersive tunnel experience where LED screens surrounded the walls and floor. The walls displayed 3D animated videos, while the floor allowed attendees to interact with butterfly animations as they walked through the tunnel.

Interactive Wall

The next checkpoint gave attendees the chance to engage with an interactive wall that offered a glimpse into their future houses within the JLG Main Projects. The wall featured a display of videos and highlights from each of the JLG projects, enabling visitors to explore and envision the possibilities.

Kinect Sensor Game

The third checkpoint had attendees interact with a custom kinect-enabled game. The game engaged guests with the concept of renewable energy in a fun and impactful manner, thus also creating a more enjoyable education experience.

AR Filter

The final checkpoint requires guests to scan and play with a custom AR filter. To fully complete their Digital Passport, guests just need to share the AR filter to their social media.

Exploring New Horizons

This project perfectly demonstrates how immersive technology opens up incredible opportunities for brands and businesses in experiential marketing. By using advanced solutions, companies can create engaging and unforgettable experiences that truly stick with their audience.

Brands can move beyond traditional marketing methods and craft immersive journeys that build strong connections with their target audience. With immersive solutions like the ones showcased in this event, businesses can capture people’s attention, effectively convey their message, and stand out in a competitive market.

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