VTF’s First Win at Asian Metaverse Summit & Awards 2024 in Japan

TOKYO, 25 March 2024 – Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), a human engagement technology company was honored with the ‘Most Exciting Scale Up Company’ award at the Asian Metaverse Summit & Awards 2024.

The event, which took place on April 25, 2024, brought together visionaries, industry leaders, and key influencers shaping the dynamic Metaverse landscape across Asia.

‘Most Exciting Scale Up Company’ accolade

Organized by CEE Business Media, renowned for its focus on businesses and investors in Central and Eastern Europe, the summit has gained international recognition for its role in fostering knowledge exchange and driving community-wide progress.

“We’ve decided to host the Asian Metaverse Summit & Awards in Japan in 2024, starting with Tokyo as the inaugural location. The overwhelming response and participation we received were beyond our expectations. Encouraged by this success, we are pleased to announce that we will host the 2025 edition of the Asian Metaverse Summit & Awards in conjunction with the Osaka Expo 2025. Building on the success experienced in Tokyo, we are confident in replicating this achievement in Osaka. This strategic decision underscores our commitment to driving innovation, fostering international collaboration, and showcasing technological leadership on a global scale,” stated Hideki Ninomiya, representative of CEE Business Media.

This year marked the debut of the Asian Metaverse Awards, building upon the success of the “2022 European Metaverse Summit & Awards” and the “2023 American Metaverse Summit & Awards.”

The Asian Metaverse Award Gala, following a rigorous nomination and voting process, highlighted 100 finalists from over 500 nominees, showcasing excellence and remarkable achievements within the Asian Metaverse community across 23 distinguished award categories.

“We are exceptionally proud as a Malaysian technology firm to receive this esteemed international recognition. This victory not only underscores our global capabilities but also demonstrates that Malaysian enterprises can excel on the global stage,” remarked Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier.

‘Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier giving an award acceptance speech’

“Beyond this, we will also undergo a follow-up visit to attend one of Japan’s largest tech events, the Sustainable High City Tech (Sushi Tech) Tokyo happening in May 2024. This event is co-supported by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and also the Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC). With their continued backing, we are poised to bring our vision to reflect Malaysia’s spirit of innovation and ambition onto the world stage.”

Looking ahead, the Metaverse presents limitless possibilities, where innovation knows no bounds. Virtualtech Frontier’s triumph at the Asian Metaverse Awards and the forthcoming Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024 event exemplifies Malaysia’s potential in shaping this digital frontier.

The Metaverse isn’t merely a virtual realm; it’s a canvas where our national spirit paints a picture of innovation, collaboration, and boundless aspirations. Together, let us continue to lead, inspire, and pioneer toward a future where Malaysia shines brightly on the global stage of technology and innovation.


About Virtualtech Frontier

Virtualtech Frontier is a human engagement technology solutions company specializing in metaverse and immersive technologies. Backed by 500 Global and Blockchain Founders Fund, they are at the forefront of creating an interoperable and accessible metaverse. Since its inception, they have helped virtualize hundreds of companies and brands, such as Nestle, Omega, and Bytedance. Striving to bring everyone into the metaverse, they have developed Mitoworld.io, a no-code metaverse SaaS platform that simplifies the creation and connection of purpose-driven metaverses. 


About MDEC

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a government agency under the purview of the Ministry of Communications and Digital, was established in 1996 to lead Malaysia’s digital economy. Beginning with the implementation of the MSC Malaysia initiative, we have since then catalyzed digital transformation and growth all over the nation. By offering greater incentives and governance for growth and re-investment, we aspire to bolster Malaysia’s status as the digital hub of ASEAN, opening new doors and driving shared prosperity for all Malaysians. 

CEE Business Media

CEE Business Media organizes Awards events, bespoke Conferences, websites, newsletters, social media, and direct introductions. Awards events include: CEE Business Services Summit & Awards (6-7 March 2024, Warsaw), European Metaverse Summit & Awards (October, Berlin), American Metaverse Summit & Awards (17 April 2024, Miami), and Asian Metaverse Summit & Awards (25 April 2024).

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