Advancing the next generation of virtual engagements

At Virtualtech Frontier we make every experience count. From virtual events to Metaverse building, we believe that technology can awaken us to new possibilities and allow us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations.

Virtualtech Frontier is an award-winning virtualization and Metaverse enablement company that is also an active facilitator of tech and start-up communities in Malaysia. We are proudly a 500 Global Portfolio company, joining a prestigious network of startups that are pioneering the next generation of innovations.

Why we are different

We’re a group of trendsetters, being one of the firsts to spearhead the development of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse in Malaysia.

Our determination for continuous innovation means that we are always looking to create new and exciting engagements in the virtual space, and delivering what the people truly want and need.

A glimpse of history

Established in 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have helped companies in various industries bring their brand to the virtual space, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions to help overcome physical limitations.

The company had been at the forefront of developing engagement-driven virtual events, with virtual fairs, exhibitions, livestream events and hybrid events. Since then, we have been actively involved in advancing the next generation of technology, with new developments in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Transforming the virtual future with Web 3.0

In our ever-changing world, internet technology has continuously transformed with fantastic opportunities. Now Web 3.0 is dubbed as the next generation of the internet, spawning popular concepts such as blockchain, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

At Virtualtech Frontier, our commitment has always been to advance newer heights of engagement in the virtual sphere. Thus, we’re highly focused on developments in the Metaverse. With its self-sustaining, infinite, and interoperable nature, we believe the Metaverse will revolutionize virtual interactions and open up exciting new possibilities.

Our values


We believe in continuous innovation to drive value creation, keeping us and our clients ahead of the pack.


We’re truly enthusiastic and passionate about our work, with the highest motivation to get the job done.


We take pride in our skills and experience, with proven expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.


We’re a tech-driven team, continuously evolving with advancements in technology for greater experiences.


We operate with a growth mindset as we strive towards continuous improvement and rise up to new challenges.


Join Us

Our success rides on a collective of truly forward-thinking designers, programmers, dreamers, nonconformists, all working together to forefront what’s next in virtualization and the Metaverse.

If you’re interested to be a part of our team of virtualizers, let’s talk and discover new career opportunities.

Let’s virtualize the world together

Let’s virtualize the world together

We’re as eager to explore as you are! Your vision is our mission; let us
show you the world of virtualization.