Host “powerful“, audience captivating conferences

Why Host a Virtual Conference

The sky is the limit! Expand your horizons with a compelling, borderless experience. Let the power of the virtual events bring your audiences from all across the globe.

Panel Discussion

Deliver extensive audience influence and session value. Have your participants be a part a virtual event with a guided flow.

  • Present your brand as an industry leader by providing sophisticated sessions.
  • Host seamless broadcasting for panel guests in various locations.
  • Collect and present perspectives with live polling, virtual Q&A to drive participation.

Keynote Session

Deliver compelling and immersive keynotes. Engage your audience beyond the reality space.

  • Limitless participation through the virtual world enables indefinite audience scaling.
  • Encourage participation and boost memorability with interactive and engaging activity throughout your presentation.

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Conference with us

Our VTF team is committed to help you showcase your ideas to a global audience and stand out from the crowd.

Information Exchange

Share knowledge and network seamlessly beyond borders.

Global Focus & Influence

Showcase your ideas to a global audience and stand out from the crowd.

Hybrid Integrations

Our virtual conference solutions are adaptable to both on ground and virtual applications.

Interactive Features

Spark interest and attention with limitless choices of interactive features.

What’s more?

Let’s take it one step further! Enhance your virtual and hybrid events with our value-added services.

Turn your conferences into enjoyable moments

Turn your conferences into enjoyable moments

Tired of seeing your audience doze off during events? We can help!