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Enhance your campaigns with curated value added services.

Marketing Strategy and Execution

A comprehensive plan formulated for achieving the marketing objectives of each project, campaign or event.

Content Creation

Showcase your creativity and stand out from the crowd with multi layered content. Grab attention with cool AR filters or animated interactions.

Social Media Advertising

Promote and sell your brand with attention grabbing content. Create awareness, increase visibility, build following and more.

Electronic Direct Mail

Share news, promotions and reach targeted potential customers from online and offline channels. Build personal relationships and engage with customers to generate leads and increase sales.

Data Analytics

Leverage interactive interfaces for Q&A, feedback, quizzes, and more. Collect marketing data to optimize brand communications for your target audience. Obtain insights to increase ROI on marketing strategies.

Gamification and Audience Interaction

Drive interactions, audience response and attention with gamification features. Reinforce your messaging to create memorable brand recognition by creating connections and dialogue with the audience.

Mini Games

A wide selection of mini games that are ready to be tailored to your next event or marketing campaigns. Incorporate your brand messaging, offers and more to interactive and fun games.

Lucky Draws

Give your audience a sense of involvement and excitement during the event with Lucky Draws incorporated into your event timeline. Fully customisable to your brand.


Encourage participation and feedback. Encourage conversations while using fun and rewards to capture the audience’s attention to the event flow.

Polls and Surveys

Capture feedback, answers, opinions and data on the spot with response triggers during the user journey.


Enjoy seamless API integration of your favourite business tools to your new platform.

Payment Gateway

Make swift transactions and receive payments easily by integrating your default payment gateways.

Virtual Conferencing Tools

Make communications smooth and enjoyable. Host, present, meet with your default conferencing tools.


Present your enhanced livestream to your dedicated platforms with ease. Say hello to your audience with a new face, at a familiar place.

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Core Services

Solution based services to suit your needs. Explore the possibilities and run remarkable events with us.

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Let’s create an out-of-this-world event together.

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