Host your virtual & hybrid events like never before

Engaging, immersive, and memorable. Whether it’s virtual or hybrid, we take your events to the next level.

Reasons to love virtual events

Virtual events are here to transcend physical limitations, while providing attractive, adaptable, and innovative ways of engaging your audience. Unleash your imagination and dive into a world of realistic virtual environments, enhanced by booths, games, networking tools and everything you need to make your event a success.

Cross-border audience

Get a wider, more diverse, and global audience as you expand your reach across borders.

Flexibility in time and space

Get more flexibility when you go virtual. Let your audience engage with your event any time, anywhere.

Foster attendee engagement and connection.

Bring people together from around the world with a variety of exciting engagement activities and boundless networking opportunities.

Customize and personalize

Create virtual events that fit your vision and style. From hall designs, characters, to engagement activities, we customize to suit your preferences.

Attract Sponsorships

Broaden horizons and gain exposure for your brand with borderless and timeless access virtually. Showcase brand highlights, events, achievements and more.

Virtual + in-person, let’s hybrid

Integrate your in-person and virtual events seamlessly with an outstanding hybrid event.

  • Maximize event reach with professional live streaming to broadcast your event to remote attendees.
  • Build meaningful connections for in-person and online attendees through cross-channel networking.
  • Boost event participation through engagement activities tailored for both online and in-person attendees.

A variety of events to meet your needs

Get everything that you need with our variety of solutions, perfect for any type of event.

Fair & Exhibitions

Showcase your ideas to a global audience and stand out from the crowd with gamified elements and immersive 3D environments.


Share insights and network seamlessly beyond borders. Leverage on our comprehensive virtual conferencing tools to engage your audience effectively.

Livestream Event

Wow your audience with exciting livestream events by leveraging on our professional solutions, including awe-inspiring 3D backgrounds and greenscreen production.

 The process

Prepare, launch, delight.

What’s more?

Let’s take it one step further! Enhance your virtual and hybrid events with our value-added services.

Are you ready to change the world you see?

Are you ready to change the world you see?

Hold on tight! Let us show you how to teleport and manipulate time.